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Research Group

Physical-Chemistry and Statistical Physics

Affiliation: Faculty of Sciences
CA Code: Physical-Chemistry and Statistical Physics

Research Interests
-  Physical Chemistry of Colloids in Interphases: Theory, Simulation and Experiments
-  Drying, Patterns Formation and Fractal Segregation in Interphases
-  Polyelectrolytes Self-Assembling and Biopolymers with Model Membranes and Surfaces
-  Experimental Study of Asphaltenes
-  Structure and Phase Transitions in Ionic Fluids and Charged Liquids
-  Films Structure in Langmuir, Langmuir-Blodgett and Semiconductors
-  Superconductors and Vortexes Theory and their Analogy with the Soft Condensate Matter
-  Quantum Physics
-  Optical Traps