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Researcher profile

José Efraín Álvarez Méndez

Personal Data:
Institutional Data:
Research Unit: Institute of Legal Research

Office Address: Cuauhtémoc 170 Moderna CP. 78250 San Luis Potosí.
Phone Number: (+52) 4448262300

Law graduate, graduated from the UASLP, he joined as a professor in the year of 1970.
In the year of 1987 he is appointed research professor in the Faculty of Law.

The lines of research it develops are:
Public International Law with focus on the development of international treaties.
The role of Mexico in international organizations: UN, OAS, EU.
Criminal Procedural Law with emphasis on the prevention and investigation of antisocial behavior.
The development of specific methodologies in criminal investigation, intervention protocols: chain of custody.
Studies on the functions and powers of the operators of the criminal justice system: Judge of control, Judge of oral trial, Judge of execution, Public Ministry (Prosecutor) Public Defender and Advisor of victim or offended.