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Carlos Adrián Jiménez González

Personal Data:
Academic Degree:  Postgraduate Studies
Institutional Data:
Affiliation: Faculty of Medicine

Office Address: Av. Venustiano Carranza 2405 Lomas los Filtros CP. 78210 San Luis Potosí
Phone Number: (+52) 4448262300
Ext.: 6611
  1. Postgraduate Studies in Medical Surgeon/Internal Medicina/ Respiratory Physician
    Universidad Autónoma de San Luis Potosí

I am a Medical Doctor graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of the UASLP, during my degree I became interested in Internal Medicine and respiratory diseases. I entered the Faculty of Medicine as a posgraduate student to perform the specialty of Internal Medicine. Through a CONACYT scholarship I did the subspecialty in Respiratory Diseases at the Royal Victoria Infirmary of the city of Newcastle Upon Tyne in England under the tutelage of Prof. Alistair Brewis. I returned to the UASLP to join the Department of Internal Medicine with an academic charge of teaching in front of the group of the course of Pulmonology that takes in the third year, years later I also participated as Professor in the course of Medical Skills of which in my last years as Professor I was coordinator until 8 years ago,  I was responsible for the course of Respiratory Physiology for some years (when she was the Head of the Department of Physiology). For the past seven years I have been the General Secretary of the Faculty of Medicine, but I continue teaching to students of the Licenciatura en Ciencias Ambientales y Salud (Bachelor of Environmental Sciences and Health). I belong to the British Thoracic Society (until a few years ago I have understood was the only Mexican), I am a member of the Assembly of The Global Initiative for Asthma (GINA), the only Mexican. I am co-author of the two editions of the National Asthma Guidelines.

Personal Researchs Interest
  1. Chronic Obstructive Respiratory Diseases (Asthma, COPD)
Research Interests of Research Group
  1. Asociación entre los cambios en el porcentaje de grasa corporal, los niveles séricos de Leptina, Ghrelina y Adiponectina en trabajadores expuestos a rotación de turno laboral
    21/05/2019 - 21/05/2019
    No aplica
  2. Asociación de los nivele séricos de DDP-IV, procalcitonina y polimorfismos IL-8 e IL-10 como predictores de evolución de pancreatitis aguda severa y necrosis pancreática mayor a 50%.
    21/05/2019 - 21/05/2019
    en tramite
  3. Relación entre la calidad de sueño y los niveles de DPP-4 en adultos
    21/08/2017 - 10/12/2018
    No aplica