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Andrea Onofri

Personal Data:
Academic Degree:  PhD Degree
Institutional Data:
Affiliation: Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities

Office Address: Av. Industrias 101 Fracc. Talleres CP. 78399 San Luis Potosí
Phone Number: (+52) 4448321000
Ext.: 9278
  1. PhD Degree in Philosophy (PhD)
    University Of St Andrews
  2. Master's Degree in Philosophy (MA)
    Universidad Degli Studi Di Roma La Sapienza
  3. Bachelor's Degree in Philosophy (BA)
    Universidad Degli Studi Di Roma La Sapienza

I am "Profesor Investigador de Tiempo Completo" in the Undergraduate Philosophy Programme. My research focuses on philosophy of language and philosophy of mind. I am currently working on the problem of communication, trying to put forward a view of communication that can represent an alternative to the currently dominant theory. According to a common view of the phenomenon, two subjects communicate successfully if, and only if, the speaker successfully transmits his mental state to the hearer. For instance, if A says: "Rome is in Italy", B should form a belief that is identical (or sufficiently similar) to the belief expressed by A through his utterance. In my project I argue in favour of an alternative proposal: communication is a state of "coordination" between speakers, a state that does not require any substancial similarity between their respective cognitive states. The notion of "coordination" appears in David Lewis's work on convention, as well as more recent proposals (Fine, Cumming): the goal of my project is to thoroughly develop a theory of communication as coordination, as well as exploring other possible applications of this notion.

In my previous work I have published articles on propositional attitude ascriptions, inferences and rationality, concepts, and the public character of meaning. My doctoral thesis was on the problem of concept individuation.

I am also interested in various other areas of philosophy, such as metaphysics, ethics, and aesthetics.

Personal Researchs Interest
  1. Theories of communication in philosophy of language
Research Interests of Research Group
  1. Una Teoría de la Coordinación
    08/10/2018 - 08/10/2019