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Avelina Franco Vega

Personal Data:
Academic Degree:  PhD Degree
SNI Level: C
Institutional Data:
Affiliation: Faculty of Chemistry

Phone Number: (+52) 4448262300
Ext.: 6583
  1. PhD Degree
    Universidad De Las Américas
  2. Master's Degree
    Universidad De Las Américas
  3. Bachelor's Degree
    Universidad Autónoma de San Luis Potosí

I´m a Food Engineer with Master and PhD in Food Science with expertise in Emergent Technologies for Food Processing. Since the beginning of my career as scient I’ve been interested in the search of new technologies to optimize Traditional Process of Food Industry. In this interest I have worked in the inactivation of fruit juices microorganisms by processing as High Hydrostatic Pressure and Power Ultrasound as an alternative to the conventional Pausterization, and the application High Dynamic Pressure for milk conservation. In the area of unit operation of Separation, I have worked with Microwave Energy for the extraction of Essential Oils from edible plants. During my career I had the opportunity of work with the Mexican Food Industry for the implementation of New Technologies within the area of Development of New Processes. Nowadays, my line of research is aimed to the study and application of Microwave Energy and Power Ultrasound to optimize Traditional Process of Conservation and Extraction

Personal Researchs Interest
  1. Emerging Technologies for Food Processing
  1. Uso de cloruros en la optimización del proceso de extracción asistida por microondas para la obtención de aceites esenciales
    04/06/2018 - 26/07/2019