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María del Carmen Rodríguez Vallarte

Personal Data:
Academic Degree:  PhD Degree
SNI Level: I
Institutional Data:
Affiliation: Faculty of Sciences

Office Address: Avenida Chapultepec 1570 Privadas del Pedregal San Luis Potosí
Phone Number: (+52) 4448262300
Ext.: 5632
  1. PhD Degree in Doctor of Science with specialization in Pure Mathematics
    Centro De Investigación En Matemáticas
  2. Master's Degree in Master of Science in Pure Mathematics
    Centro De Investigación En Matemáticas
  3. Bachelor's Degree in Major in Mathematics
    Universidad De Las Américas

In the study of finite dimensional Lie algebras, the notion of double extension  plays a significant role providing an inductive construction for finite dimensional quadratic or symplectic Lie algebras in terms of a minimal  ideal and successive applications of the double extensión process. This also can be applied in the context of Lie algebras endowed with a contact structure. In this area my contibutions have been the following: provide conditions in order to a double extension of a contact Lie algebra can be a contact Lie algebra again; show that there are contact Lie algebras that cannot be expressed as a double extension of a contact Lie algebra of codimension 2; prove that every contact nilpotent Lie algebra having dimension greater than 5 can be constructed from the 3-dimensional Heisenberg Lie algebra, through a successive application of appropriate double extensions; given a finite-dimensional Lie algebra  equipped either with an invariant metric, a symplectic structure or a contact structure, to determine whether a double extension of such Lie algebra  produces a Lie algebra equipped with the same type of geometric structure.


Personal Researchs Interest
  1. Construction of finite dimensional Lie (super)algebras endowed with a geometric structure
Research Interests of Research Group
  1. Estructuras geométricas invariantes en álgebras de Lie solubles
    01/09/2011 - 16/07/2016