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María de Guadalupe Moctezuma Zarate

Personal Data:
Academic Degree:  PhD Degree
Institutional Data:
Affiliation: Faculty of Chemistry

Office Address: Av. Dr. Manuel Nava 6, Zona Universitaria. 6 CP. 78210 San Luis Potosí
Phone Number: (+52) 4448262300
Ext.: 6483-6552
  1. PhD Degree
    Universidad Nacional Autónoma De México
  2. Master's Degree
    Universidad Nacional Autónoma De México
  3. Bachelor's Degree
    Universidad Autónoma de San Luis Potosí

I am a Chemical Pharmacobiologist graduated from the Faculty of Chemical Sciences of the UASLP. I completed my master's degree in Biomedical Sciences in the area of ​​Mycology (Medical) in the Faculty of Medicine of the UNAM and I did the doctorate in the Institute of Biology of the UNAM in the area of ​​Biology oriented to mycotoxins.
Currently I work in the Faculty of Chemical Sciences of the UASLP as a full time Research Professor, where I am responsible for the Mycology Laboratory and I am a Full Professor of the Matter and Mycology Laboratory that is taught to the students of the 7th semester of the Chemistry course Pharmacobiologist
The training of human resources, the connection with hospitals in projects of environmental sampling and determination of intrahospital infections, as well as education and the application of fungal biotechnology in environmental management are subjects of my interest.
  1. Aislamiento de aeropropágulos fúngicos en ambientes hospitalarios
    25/01/2016 - 20/01/2017
    FCQ, Laboratorio de Micología, UASLP
  2. Límite de detección de cuatro especies de Candida comunes en infecciones hospitalarias a partir de hemocultivos
    08/02/2016 - 11/11/2016
    IPICYT División de Biología Molecular
  3. Remoción de mercurio en solución por diferentes biomasas fúngicas
    27/05/2013 - 20/06/2014
    FCQ, Laboratorio de Miclogía Experimental, UASLP