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Researcher profile

Ana Margarita Ávila Ochoa

Personal Data:
Academic Degree:  Master's Degree
Institutional Data:
Affiliation: Faculty of Habitat Studies

Office Address: Niño Artillero 150 CP. 78290 San Luis Potosí
Phone Number: (+52) 4448262312
Ext.: 6831
  1. Master's Degree in Urban Art History Master’s Degree
  2. Bachelor's Degree in Industrial Design Bachelor’s Degree
    Universidad Autónoma de San Luis Potosí

My research is focused mainly on two áreas of design: modern and contemporary design history, and trends or events that where the work of the industrial design profession is manifested.

In the first field I have conducted interpretive studies on documents that state the aims of design and I have highlighted the social function that gave rise to the discipline in the early 20th century.

In the second field I have done qualitative research on the performance of the school’s Industrial Design graduates, through the study of job trends and technological developments, which has allowed me to assess the tension that is generated between the contextual demands in the field of professional practice vis à vis the epistemic field that gives rise to design.

These studies have provided support for updating the Industrial Design curriculum and the work I do as an evaluator of design schools nationwide.

Currently I have joined the Research Network on Social Development and Design, in order to encourage reflection and action in this field that has become extremely necessary in the context of our country and for which we also need to define particular features in the professional profile.

Personal Researchs Interest
  1. Social Development and Design
  2. Aesthetics and Design
Research Interests of Research Group
  1. Presente y futuro del diseño en México
    12/03/2018 - 31/01/2020
  2. Los perfiles del diseño en México.
    15/08/2016 - 15/06/2018
  3. Estudio perceptual de la forma: simetría y equilibrio
    16/06/2017 - 15/06/2018
  4. Fundamentos para la práctica contextualizada del Diseño Industrial en México
    15/07/2011 - 15/07/2015
    Doctorado Interinstitucional de Arquitectura, Diseño y Urbanismo.